TikToker Highlights Mastercard That Cuts Off Spending When You Exceed Your “Carbon Footprint”

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It looks like the Chinese Social Credit Score is slowly coming to America.

Mastercard partnered with the UN to track the “carbon footprint” of purchases. At this point, it is only voluntary.


From The Climate Depot:

Get ready for a Chinese-style social credit system scoring when it comes to your personal spending habits and how they impact “climate change.” A new credit card called Doconomy, has launched that is “working in tight collaboration with Mastercard” and an alliance with the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is now available so you can monitor your personal CO2 budget on every purchase you make.

The new CO2 monitoring Mastercard called Doconomy debuted in order to enable “all users to track, measure and understand their impact by presenting their carbon footprint on every purchase.” The credit cards feature the slogan on them reading “DO. Everyday Climate Action” and have a personal pledge on the rear of the card boasting: “I am taking responsibility for every transaction I make to help protect the planet.” The Mastercards feature the UN “Global Climate Action” logo on them as well.

The World Economic Forum praised the idea.

“While many of us are aware that we need to reduce our carbon footprint, advice on doing so can seem nebulous and keeping a tab is difficult. DO monitors and cuts off spending, when we hit our carbon max”

A TikToker made a video looking into the partnership.

“This is a social credit score and it is a proof of concept…Once they have their numbers in place then they can give every single purchase you make a score and punish you directly. This is what China does. Of course, this will only be enforced on you and me and anybody businesses that don’t go along with their scheme.”